Taylor & Colledge Natural Extract Pastes

Baking is one of my favourite things to do, I love experimenting with recipes and products so when the opportunity arose to test some interesting extract pastes, I couldn't say no! Myself and my mum have been testing these products over the past couple of weeks and we are definitely impressed. 

I have six of the *Taylor & College Natural Extract Pastes (£3.59 each) which range in flavours from vanilla, almond and coconut to more unusual flavours including lavender, lemon and peppermint. The bottles are so handy, they are mess free, easy to use/store and it is very easy to dispense as much or as little as needed. The pastes are gluten free, GMO free and propylene glycol free. The pastes contain pure natural ingredients such almond milk, natural lemon extract, Australian peppermint water, Australian lavender water and pure coconut water. 

I first tried the vanilla, lemon and lavender pastes in basic cupcakes and they were fantastic - the flavour came through but not very strongly. However, the cupcakes seemed to need a lot longer to cook through. The vanilla extract has little vanilla pod seeds in it which show through in the cupcake when its baked which I love as it looks more authentic and homemade. I also used the lemon flavour in pastry for a lemon meringue pie and it made the buttery pasty so delicious with a hint of a fresh, authentic lemon flavour. 

The pastes can not only be used in baking such as cupcakes, cookies, scones, teacakes and fudge but they can also be used to make  mousses, ice cream, soup, salad dressing, frosting and more! I will definitely be using the pastes for other recipes so stay tuned as I will be posting recipes on my blog soon!

Here are the results of our baking efforts, the lemon meringue pie was delicious and perfect for spring/summer!

Have you tried these extract pastes? Have you been baking recently? 


  1. Ooh, these sound and look very interesting! I wonder if they are widely available yet? xxx
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  2. Wow, so that cake looks so mouthwatering to me right now, sitting here with plain rice cakes. I want to try everything you put up when I get home to a proper kitchen!