May Food + Lifestyle Favourites

I haven't done a food favourites post on here for a while and in this post I'm also including a couple of 'lifestyle' favourites too. This month I have been loving some of the same items as my last food favourites post. 

Since receiving this mat from the lovely people at Manuka yoga I have been using it so much; recently not as much as I want to but it is a staple in my routine now. I have a full review of it on my main blog

Again, another favourite that has been in a post before. I've been using this cute, handy bottle over the past couple of months. It's fantastic on the go for juice or smoothies. I have a full review on my main blog

I've been using coconut oil for cooking and baking for a while now although before I thought it was very strange! I used it in my chocolate chip and coconut cookies and I love it to cook veggies for a stir fry. 

If you had told me a year ago, or even at the beginning of this year, that I would love green tea and herbal tea, I would have told you that I'm a coffee gal through and through; I still have to have my latte everyday but I'm loving the freshness of mint green tea too. I love this twinings one and it's pretty inexpensive but now I'm obsessed with the Pukka Three Mint tea. 

Fresh Basil 

My last food favourite is a long term fave and it's fresh basil *don't get the dried version, it's nothing like fresh basil*. I have been adding fresh basil to pasta, sandwiches, crepes, stir frys, cheese of toast - basically everything! 

What were your food and lifestyle favourites for the month on May? Do you have any of the products I've featured?

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