Decorated Cakes + Sweets Magazine (+ Bake Club)

When it comes to relaxing one of my go-to things is baking and making something. I love baking and I have done since I was a child and I can make a fantastic lemon meringue pie, chocolate chip cookies and gingerbread biscuits *if I do say so myself* but other than that I'm not fantastic and my attempts usually end up in the bin; although I always love to try new recipes. 

I was sent a copy of *Decorated Cakes & Sweets (Issue 1, £5.99) which comes with a silicone mould for mini eclairs as well as a nozzle and bag for the eclair filling. The magazine contains a great recipe for mini eclairs including a separate step by step guide on making choux party and the fondant icing. The eclairs in the magazine looks so yummy and pretty perfect which I think is definitely an unrealistic aim especially if like me you haven't made them before. 

The magazine also has other recipes including: match sponges (which I didn't expect to find in this magazine as match green tea powder is a new and 'it' ingredient) as well as mocha nanaimo bars, frosted rose gateau and more. The photography in the magazine is fantastic and pinterest worthy. The magazine is laid out well and the instructions, for the recipe I've tried so far, are easy to follow. It also has a useful cooking measurements/conversions chart at the back. 

As well as the magazine, they have a site where you can view the latest issue of the magazine, watch step by step tutorials, share your creations, read blog posts and they have a shop too. I've been browsing the videos on and off for a couple of weeks and they are really handy - its a great place for inspiration and it has a great informative section on baking ingredients. From the online shop you can buy previous editions of the magazine (with their baking additions) which is a great idea especially if you want to make one specific thing; I definitely want issues 19, 8, 46, 67 and 119. 

I will have the recipe and guide for making the mini eclairs on my blog soon!

Are you a member of the Bake Club? Do you love baking?