My Vegan Experiment Week 2 - 3

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I have now been vegan for almost three weeks (it will be three weeks tomorrow) and I have to say, apart from two non-vegan foods, it has been great! My sister, friends and parents have had some of my recipes and they've really liked them and I personally feel so much better in my self. 

Now, lets get this over with, I did have two non-vegan (but still vegetarian) foods this week because I had some blood test results that made me feel a little down (not related at all to my diet) and I wanted some comfort food so I did have pizza and chocolate but apart from that it's been a really enjoyable few weeks and I've found some yummy recipes that I've been making so often. 

One meal that I have loved eating this week is Thai Peanut Noodles with crunchy veggies - if you follow me on Instagram (@heathernixon4) then you will have will seen what I have been eating. I will have a recipe of it coming soon and I think so vegans will not know that it's a vegan recipe! Also yesterday I am a sweetcorn soup for myself and my sister which was SO good. 

I am definitely going to stick with being vegan although I will on occasion want non-vegan meals/food as there are certain times of the month *cough, cough* when I crave dairy and comfort food and I do have instant lattes 5 days of the week with already contain a tiny amount of milk powder that I can't remove - I'll be having them as they are so delicious but I am looking for vegan alternatives. Also I think finding vegan options in cafes/restaurants is going to be very difficult. 

Do you have any vegan recipe ideas or food recommendations?


  1. I make my own pizza using vegan cheese - also sweet potato wedges are a favourite. Thai peanut noodles sound lovely.

  2. I am vegetarian since 8 or 9 years and I would love to go vegan but I always thought I can't live without cheese. However, I haven't bought cheese in a month and I ate lots of avocados instead. I feel like they give me the same satisfaction of eating something fatty but they're vegan! :)