Biosnacky by A.Vogel

Biosnacky by A.Vogel
I'm not very handy when it comes to gardening and growing plants because, bugs. Although even when there aren't really any bugs, for example, with succulents, I still manage to kill the plants - yes, I have managed to kill a succulent, they are meant to be plants for dummies...However, I do love to watch the progress of plants growing everyday and I have been able to keep a pepper plant and herbs growing for a couple of months now and they're not dead (go me!).

So when I received the *Biosnacky Three Tier Germinator by A.Vogel (£17.99), I was really excited because I'm basically a grandma and the best thing about it - no soil, so no bugs! The germinator is kind of a mini greenhouse which you can keep at your desk or a windowsill. The one I have is a three tier germinator with a lid. It came with three packets of sprout speeds including a gourmet mix, broccoli sprout seeds and mung bean sprout seeds.
Biosnacky by A.Vogel
My mum has a horticulture qualification so she helped me figure out the not so clear instructions - she said they they could have been a little clearer. Here are my basic instructions: rinse the germinator and rinse the seeds then dispense the seeds onto the tiers of the germinator (this bit can be a little messy). Stack the tiers making sure the red filters are staggered and fill the top tier with water - the water will slowly filter into all three tiers leaving a tiny amount of water in each one.

We couldn't see on the instructions how many seeds you need per tier so we probably overfilled two of the three tiers but hopefully it will be ok! Even after a couple of days the seeds in all three tiers were looking like they were starting to grow and change - there isn't a massive change just yet, I think I read on the website that it takes about 5-6 days.

Overall, even though the instructions weren't the clearest, it was still easy to put together and it's great seeing the little sprout seeds starting to grow and change and I can't wait to cook with them! My only main negative (apart from the instructions) was that the tiers don't click or lock into place which I think would be a great idea as if you want to move it or if you accidentally knock into it as I did just when we finished putting it together, then things can get VERY messy and the seeds and water can go everywhere....I think it would be a unique and interesting gift for foodies and gardeners this christmas! Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

What do you think of this sprout germinator? Are you green fingered or are you an accidental plant killer as I am? 

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  1. I didn't know you had a food blog too - will definitely be giving it a read. Congrats Heather! x

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