The Crackin' Egg Co Sweet Chilli Eggs

Another product I was very kindly sent, *The Crackin' Egg Co Sweet Chili Hard Boiled Eggs (£1.59, two pack) which is one of the more strange items I've been sent - red eggs! I haven't tried anything like this before but they do look interesting!

Eggs are a fantastic source of protein especially for those who don't eat meat or fish like me and they also contain a lot of vitamins and minerals such as Vitamin A, B12, D, B2 as well as selenium and more! Eggs do contain fats but it is the good healthy fats that are essential for the body. Eggs are pretty much a quick and easy superfood! 

The Crackin' Egg Co eggs are coloured depending on the flavouring that comes with them, for example, the red eggs come with a sweet chilli powdered sachet. There are also salt and pepper packs which are coloured blue and sour cream and chive packs which are coloured green. I think the coloured eggs would be great for children especially if they don't like eggs as it could definitely make them more fun to eat. 

One of the things that is great about these eggs is that the shelf life is an amazing 4-6 weeks which would be fantastic for mums or students in particular, in my opinion. They are easy to carry around in the packaging and easy to peel too, if a little messy. The eggs can be a little stained with the colour of the dye on the shell but other than that they are normal and delicious. I'm personally not a fan of chilli (or any spicy food actually) so my sister tried the sachet and while sceptical at first she loved it - she said the chilli sachet was perfect. 

Overall, I think these are a great idea and perfect for students, mums or on the go. Eggs are a fantastic low calorie, high protein and nutrient rich food to eat! There are numerous flavours to choose from and you can also buy a pack of four eggs which are £3.49 per pack. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Have you tried any of the hard boiled eggs from The Crackin Egg Co? What do you think of these packs?

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