Veganuary: Nakd Nibbles

Veganuary: Nakd Nibbles
If you've been following my veggie food blog for a while or my social media then you will know that I love the Nakd bars - I've already reviewed them on my blog. I have been sent some and I have also purchased them myself as they are perfect on the go snacks. I now have the *Nakd Nibbles Mixed Case (£15.98) to try out as part of veganuary. 

- Nakd Nibbles Coconut Bliss: I've tried this one before and I loved it so I am happy to have three more bags as they are basically the super healthy version of a bounty bar (bar the chocolate) but they still taste SO good. If you love coconut then you will adore these! Rating: ★★★★★, 5/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Strawberries & Cream: I knew I wouldn't like this one as much as apart from smoothies, I don't really like berry flavoured foods. They are nice, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't personally buy them. Each pack is one of your five a day and they are wheat, gluten and gluten free! Rating: ★★★☆☆, 3/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Toffee Treat: I love toffee, any kind of toffee or butterscotch - that kind of flavour is just gorgeous to me so naturally I love this flavour of Nakd Nibbles. The toffee flavour is quite sweet and a little artificial, even though it isn't, but I still love it. Rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Tooty Fruity: Again as with the strawberries and cream flavour, I thought this wouldn't be one of my favourites but these are actually really nice, they taste like sweets I had as a child but I cannot remember what they were. They smell like berry flavoured bubblegum and they taste like mild berry tasting sweets. Rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Fruit Salad: Another nostalgic flavour, they taste really quite similar to fruit salad sweets I had as I child but they aren't as sweet or as strongly flavoured. Again I'm surprised as they aren't as odd tasting as I thought they would be or as the name would suggest and I really like them! Rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Mint Humbug: I'm not a fan of mint in anything, even toothpaste or mint sweets so these are definitely my least favourite from the range I have - I'm sure if you like mint sweets or hard mints then you will like these but they are definitely not for me! Rating: ★★☆☆☆, 2/5. 

- Nakd Nibbles Salted Caramel: Last year I discovered the joy that is salted caramel *I know a year behind everyone else!* and I couldn't wait to try these! They are nice but they aren't as amazing as I thought they would be. I'll still definitely going to eat them and I would recommend them but they are just a little disappointing. Rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5. 

Overall, I love the Nakd products, they are amazing tasting *on the whole* snacks that are full of goodies so even though they might taste sweet and naughty - they are actually healthy and one of your five a day! I'm surprised that I loved the more berry flavoured packs and my favourites have to be: toffee treat, coconut bliss, tooty fruity and salted caramel. 

Have you tried the Nakd nibbles or the Nakd bars? 

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