Healthy Snacking: Burts Lentil Waves

Healthy Snacking: Burts Lentil Waves
I have to admit that I am a bit of a snacker, I do love snacks throughout the day - especially around midday when my energy levels drop. Thankfully most of my snacks tend to be healthy such as smoothies, vegan raw fruit and nut bars, vegan soft pretzels but sometimes they are far less healthy!

I was kindly sent the *Burts Lentil Waves (£1.99, pack of 6) which I have seen before but I haven't tried them until now. They are free from added flavourings, colourings and MSG. Additionally they are less than 99 calories per packet and contain 40% less than than the regular Burts potato chips.

- Burts Lentil Waves - Sour Cream & Chive: I think that sour cream and chive has to be my favourite flavour of crisps (or chips however you want name them) so these were the first ones I tried. I love them! They are a little unusual in shape but I don't mind as they are so moreish - I will definitely be looking out for these as a healthier alternative to crisps.

- Burts Lentil Waves - Lightly Salted: Ready salted or sea salt crisps are another favourite of mine, especially with the vegan dill/ranch style dip I make! These ones are yummy too although not as good as the sour cream and chive flavour, to me anyway.

- Burts Lentil Waves - Thai Sweet Chilli: Now these are something my sister would LOVE, she loves spicy snacks/crisps but sadly I don't. However these actually surprised me, they taste like sweet and sour sauce which I love with crispy tofu! They are SO good, I was going to give the second packet to my sister but now...I'm not so sure - sorry Aimee!

Overall, I would definitely recommend these snacks, as not only are they a healthier alternative and they don't contain any negative ingredients (if that makes sense) and they are less than 99 calories per pack but they also taste so good! I love the sour cream and chive flavour the most as well as the thai sweet chilli. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

Have you the Burts lentil waves? What are your favourite healthy snacks? 

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