Naked Noodle Snack Pots

Naked Noodle Snack Pots
March is national noodle month! I already have a post featuring Naked Noodle on my blog as part of the challenge with the Malaysian Laska Curry Snack Pot *which I loved*. I also received two other flavours of the snack pots from the lovely people at Naked Noodle.

- *Naked Noodle Cantonese Hoisin Duck: Firstly, if I saw this particular snack pot in a shop I would probably not bother to look at it as it doesn't seem to be suitable for vegetarians but it is! Yay! I think it's great that there are more vegetarian options available and all of these snack pots from Naked Noodle are suitable for vegetarians.

I'm not a fan of spicy food but all of the pots I've tried are mild so they aren't overly spicy. This snack pot tastes so good, it is a bit spicy but not too much and it does have a meaty kind of taste - I don't know it is authentic as I don't remember what meat tastes like after being a vegetarian for 11 years. I would definitely buy this snack pot as it is quite unusual compared to everything else I can buy as a vegetarian and it is really filling so it's perfect for lunch.

- *Naked Noodle Singapore Curry Snack Pot: Again, this snack pot isn't very spicy, it is more like curry sauce. The flavour of this pot is definitely my second favourite - it's quite aromatic and sweet which I love! My dad tried these too and he loves very, very spicy food so he didn't like them as much as I did. As with the other two pots, it is tasty and filling. Overall ratings: ★★★★★, 5/5.

I have to give all of these snack pots, 5/5 rating and I'd definitely recommend them! 

Have you tried anything from Naked Noodle? 

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