Shop. Cook. Eat. Cook Book

Shop. Cook. Eat. Cook Book
If you have been following my beauty and lifestyle blog then you will have seen my numerous book posts recently and it's become a bit of a problem - I can't stop buying books. Cook books have always been a staple in our house as we all love to cook so I have grown up cooking and baking. We have a whole book case full of cooking and baking books but nothing like this. 

I was very kindly sent the *Shop. Cook. Eat Cook Book (£21) which was created by Katherine Frelon who has a cookery school in Burgundy, France. The book is 252 pages long and it is a paperback copy but it is also available in e-book form. 

The cover and images in the book are so beautiful, bright, inviting and inspirational and to be honest, the photographs in a cook book make the cook book. The images are not only of the recipes but of the gorgeous, sunny countryside and vineyards of France. Shop. Cook. Eat. Cook Book
The layout of the cook book is quite different to the ones I have as there are sections called 'market lunch', 'leftovers' and a section on the vineyards of Burgundy which personally doesn't really interest me but the photographs are gorgeous.

Almost immediately after receiving the cook book I started marking off pages and recipes I was interested in and ended up with a lot of sticky notes in the book! The spring, fresh salads and savoury tarts appeal the most to me as well as the desserts section *naturally*. Some recipes are not really ones I would have ever considered to make, others sound so delicious and there's a great mixture of recipes to choose from. I'm a vegetarian and I found there were quite a few recipes for me.

I made a variation of the courgette and blue cheese quiche but I substituted courgette for other green veggie and dill and it turned out SO well. The recipes are so easy to follow and the ones I've looked at aren't too complicated. My only problem with this cook book is that it doesn't say for the majority of the recipes how many it serves - quite an important piece of information...

Overall, I do like this cook book for the most part and the photography is just fantastic - I wish there was even more of it. While some of the recipes obviously don't appeal to me as a vegetarian, it is a great well rounded book. Overall rating: ★★★☆☆, 3/5.

Do you have this cook book? Do you have favourite cook book? 

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  1. This is a new one for me - I've not seen it before, although am always on the look out for new ones. I tend to work my way through one at a time. At the moment, the cookbook of choice seems to be Mouthwatering Vegan - the curried potato burgers we had last night were amazing!

    Yes I agree - saying how many a recipe serves would be helpful. It's odd they don't include that.