Sunsoul Natural Energy Drinks

Sunsoul Natural Energy Drinks
I am a big coffee drinker, I have at least one per day (I am having a gingerbread latte as I'm typing) so I've never reached for energy drinks as the caffeine in coffee is enough for me but I'm always happy to try new products although nothing will ever replace coffee for me. I was very kindly sent the Sunsoul Natural Energy Drinks to test out!

*SunSoul Raspberry & Elderflower Natural Energy Drink
Raspberry and elderflower are two of my favourite flavours within drinks, especially tea so this was the one I wanted to try first and it's definitely my favourite. I love the sweet, sharp raspberry flavour but it's not overly or sugary sweet. It's fizzy and refreshing - perfect as a mid afternoon pick me up when I usually reach for snacks. I really like all three but this one is my favourite!

*SunSoul Kaffir Lime & Lemon Natural Energy Drink 
Lemon and lime are favourites of mine too, I always drink still water with lemon and lime juice as it's refreshing but subtle and this is another fave. I love the sweet zesty, citrusy flavour and as it's carbonated it's a great pick me up when I'm feeling tired or if I have a lot to do but not enough energy.

*SunSoul Spiced Mango & Pineapple Natural Energy Drink
I love mango and pineapple smoothies but I haven't tried them in anything other than smoothies; I tried this one last as the combination of tropical fruit and christmassy spices such as cardamon and cinnamon sounds quite...unusual and I didn't know if I'd like it as it isn't a combination that I haven't seen or tried before. It is surprisingly really good, I actually like the sour tropical fruit and cinnamon mix - unusual but surprisingly pleasant.

Overall, I'm really happy with all three and I can't recommend them enough as an alternative energy drink that contains 100% natural ingredients, no refined sugar and only contains 84 calories. My favourite is the raspberry and elderflower option but they are all great! Also I love the packaging and they're only £2.78. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Do you drink energy drinks? Have you tried these delicious energy drinks? 


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  2. I have never tried these but I will now look out for them! Thank you x