Jo Delucci's Ice Cream *the best ice cream ever?*

Jo Delucci's Italian Ice Cream *the best ice cream ever?*
I have to adit that I am not a massive ice cream fan, I never have been *unless you count the volcano ice creams from the ice cream van when I was a child*. The only ice cream I have loved is a tub of coffee ice cream I had in Venice, Italy about four or five years ago - yes, it was that good that I can still remember it! No ice cream or dessert is better than Italian gelato, especially on a hot summers day.

However when I received the Jo Delucci's ice cream, I was excited as I haven't ever tried either of these flavours before and they sound amazing. Also who wouldn't love an ice cream delivery! Jo Delucci's ice cream is authentically made gelato, they are suitable for vegetarians and they don't contain any artificial flavours or preservatives which is great! You can buy the 500ml tubs from Tesco online.

Firstly, I adore the packaging and branding, I think it is so cute, memorable, minimalist *and we all know I'm about minimalism* and retro. I love the illustrations and the overall design!

- *Jo Delucci's Creamy Coconut Ice Cream (£3.99, 500ml): I haven't ever tried coconut ice cream, I didn't think it was even a thing but it is! The coconut ice cream is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians but not vegans as it contains cows milk. When I opened it, I thought it looked lumpy because it was defrosting but no, the ice cream contains coconut pieces/pulp which I think is such a unique idea and I love it! Sure, it means that the ice cream texture isn't creamy or super smooth anymore but I really like it and it's so addictive. The coconut flavour is very authentic, not artificial. It will be a necessity in the summer months! Also, add some chocolate ice cream sauce and you have an ice cream version of a Bounty bar *one of my favourite chocolate bars*. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

- *Jo Delucci's Creme Caramel Ice Cream (£3.99, 500ml): I loved the coconut ice cream but I adore this one! My favourite ice cream flavours have to be vanilla, toffee and coffee and apart from the latter, this creme caramel ice cream is a combination of my faves. To me this ice cream tastes like the most delicious Cornish vanilla ice cream mixed with sweet, creamy caramel sauce and it is heavenly. I have gone through quite a lot of the tub already and even my dad likes it and he isn't a massive ice cream or dessert fan either! The texture is that of the smoothest ice cream I've ever tried. I think it would be perfect on it's own or with hot fudge cake *drools*. I will be buying another tub when I have finished this one. Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5!

I cannot recommend this ice cream brand enough, not only for the gorgeous packaging *I'm a sucker for packaging* but the flavours are so gorgeous and authentic. I especially love the creme caramel flavour. The price is fantastic as well, in my opinion. I also want to try their hazelnut and chocolate flavour - they need to bring out more ASAP, especially a coffee flavour!

Have you tried the Jo Delucci's ice cream? What do you think of these flavours? 

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