Fry's Rice Protein + Chia Nuggets

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Oops, I haven't been keeping on top of the Fry's food reviews *sorry* but I have another review today! The *Fry's Family Rice Protein & Chia Nuggets (£3.12, 240g) have to be some of my favourites of the Fry's products I've reviewed so far...although they are all pretty amazing!

As with all of the products, they are so quick and easy to cook and can be added to so many meals, lunches or as a snack. I've been having them either with salad or on their own with a dip of natural yoghurt, chives and garlic *drools*.

I thought they might be a bit dry but as with all Fry's products, they aren't! The nuggets are so tasty, unique and moreish, as well as 100% vegan which is amazing and so impressive. The texture is a little unusual but I like it and I will definitely be buying more! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried anything from Fry's? 

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