Fry's Vegan Braai Style Sausages

Fry's Vegan Braai Style Sausages
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This is my last post about the amazing products from Fry's *cries* and again I cannot recommend everything I've tried enough! Quorn used to be the only brand I reached for when it comes to vegetarian and vegan meat alternatives but not anymore - Fry's products are ten times better than Quorn in my opinion!

I have the *Fry's Braai Style Country Herb Sausages (£3.39, 380g) which are 100% vegan, they are made in a dedicated vegan factory and they can be used in so many lunches, snacks and main meals. I've been using them mainly within a salad or sausage sandwich *it has to happen in England* and I love them! They aren't dry and they taste so good! They have a herb flavour, they are surprisingly very meaty flavoured/textured (from what I can remember) and they have a clove aftertaste which I love. I will be buying these ASAP! Overall rating: ★★★★★, 5/5.

Have you tried anything from Fry's? 

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