Mr Lee's Noodles: Shaolin Monk Vegetables

Mr Lee's Shaolin Monk Noodles
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If you don't know already, I adore noodles, I could eat noodles everyday; when it comes to guilty foods that I love, instant noodles are very high on my list so I was excited to try these as they much healthier than other noodles that I usually choose - they don't contain any nasty ingredients or allergens and the noodles are gluten free too. Additionally they only contain 100% natural ingredients!

I was kindly sent their two vegetarian options, including the *Mr Lee's Noodles Shaolin Monk Vegetable Noodles which will be available in August. The noodles per cup contain 226 calories, 6.3g protein and 1.2g of salt, the latter isn't amazing but the low calories and high protein figures are fantastic.

The noodles are rice noodles which I personally LOVE but they won't be for everyone as they do have a more unusual texture when compared to more common egg noodles. I love all of the veggies included such as red peppers, broccoli, green beans and cauliflower which unlike some products like this, the veggies aren't mushy or just there to bulk out the contents.
It's not spicy but it's tasty and it does keep me full as a lunch option which is great as usually instant noodles and products like this aren't very filling. My only problem with them is that if I fill with water up to the level then there's just SO much water and I end up getting rid of at least half the water before eating but other than that it's well worth trying and I can't wait to try the other vegetarian option I have - second post coming soon. Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Will you be checking out this veggie option? What do you think of the flavour varieties? 

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