Mr Lee's Noodles: Dragon Fire

I've already reviewed the Mr Lee's Shaolin Monk Vegetables flavour which you can check out if you want to know more about that flavour. I have the second vegetarian option; the *Mr Lee's Dragon Fire Mushroom Noodles which are the same as the previous flavour in that they don't contain nasty ingredients (only 100% natural ingredients) as well as gluten free noodles which is great!

I had the same minor issue with this flavour as I did with the previous - there is too much water when I fill it up to the line so I end up tipping out at least half of the water as otherwise it is a noodle broth/noodle cup a soup but if that's what you want then there's no issue at all! The flavour is so nice, I love the rice noodles and the mushrooms but it is quite spicy as the three chilli symbols on the pot would suggest! I am a wimp when it comes to spicy food so maybe I'm not the best candidate for this flavour option but it wasn't too too spicy. My dad loves spicy food and he didn't think they're that spicy so I guess I have the worlds most sensitive and wimpy tastebuds!

Overall, I love the packaging and branding - it's a super quick snack or lunch option. It's filling and tasty as the Shaolin Monk Vegetables flavour is but I probably would prefer the previous flavour just because I'm not a fan of spicy food! Overall rating: ★★★★☆, 4/5.

Which flavour do you want to try? 

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  1. I as a veggie would have to try the Mr Lee's Dragon Fire Mushroom Noodles too - it would be good for a quick lunch on a busy day .i wonder how it compares to Pot Noodle